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We divide digital marketing and e-commerce into four key areas. Each area has a different purpose and uses specific digital tactics.

We identify and run for you those tactics that will bring you the maximum benefit and return on investment.

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Traffic from any digital ads must be directed to a landing page. Whether it´s a landing page at your website or a campaign microsite, its design, content and analytics is crucial for success. We focus on this in the red Quadrant.
1) Is it tailored to targeted users?
2) Does it lead visitors to the action for which it´s primarily designed?
3) Is it optimized for search engines?
4) Is its performance measured by Google analytics?

Make sure you can say “yes“ to all four questions, before you invest in the other quadrants tactics.

What we do:
  • Website audit with a focus on
    • User experience, conversion rate, search engine optimization (SEO) and web analytics
    • Recommendations to improve the website´s business performance
  • Website, landing pages and microsite development
    • Creative concept, wireframes, graphic design, programming, CMS implementation, testing, launch on a selected domain.
    • Setup of Google analytics including all tags for retargeting and campaigns optimization
    • Initial SEO
  • Copywriting
    • Content creation including text, pictures, photographs and video with aim to engage visitors and channel them to desired action
    • All content is created for high scoring for SEO

Everything we do is optimized both for desktop and mobile devices.


Tactics in the blue quadrant are aimed at lead generation: leads from websites or orders in e-shops. These tactics address internet users who are in decision a making process, often in its final stage.

Digital tactics consists from Search engines optimization (SEO), Paid search advertising including Product search engines. These are key sources of valuable traffic for the e-shops and for Contextual advertising. Affiliate marketing is specific tactic with high ROI and is suitable for selected industries, for example: finance, energy and consumer products and services.

What we do:
  • Search engines optimization
  • Product search engines optimization
  • Paid search advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Affiliate marketing

We use all tactics across all devices - desktops, smartphones, tablets.


Brand building has never been easier, faster and more efficient. With the Internet boom, even a small company is able to build its brand or reinforce it, educate its target market or introduce a new product. This can be achieved with significantly lower cost than before and in a shorter period of time.

The main tactics in this green quadrant are display advertising including programmatic, video ads at YouTube and advertising at social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Social networks enable precise targeting of advertising in order to build a fan base or community around a brand and increase your website´s traffic. Brand tactics could be extended by online PR activities and by using microsite for specific campaigns.

What we do:
  • Display and text advertising campaigns in Google Display Network
  • Programmatic campaigns including Real Time Bidding
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook to build brand, fanbase and generate website traffic
  • Video campaigns on YouTube and Facebook
  • Advanced remarketing and retargeting on GDN, YouTube, Facebook and RTB
  • Online PR campaigns
  • Digital creatives and production
    • Landing pages
    • Microsites
    • Static and dynamic banners in all formats including rich media
    • Newsletters
    • Graphic content for social media etc.


Today, you cannot rely just on advertising. You should address and engage your audience in a more natural way. By creating attractive content, you can entertain, educate and inform your target community helping to build a long-term relationship with your community or audience. Additionally, engaged users will share your content, further driving brand popularity.

Digital media enable this interaction to happen on a large scale. Social networks, blogs, email campaigns and other tactics from yellow quadrant can help you to grow your audience, understand needs of your customers and develop their loyalty. Offer a solution that’s needed right now, up-sell or cross-sell, or create enthusiasm for a new product or service!

What we do:
  • Creating content strategy and its implementation
  • Content management of social media including brand monitoring and analytics
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • etc.
  • Blogs
  • E-mail marketing
  • Contests



Sometimes it is appropriate to work in multiple quadrants simultaneously using various marketing tactics. The advantage is the possibility to address customers in different ways from several information sources and media channels.

The main benefit of a multichannel campaign is that you can address a broad base of potential customers - those who are currently shopping, but also others, who have not considered buying yet, making the campaign a first stimulus for them. Such a campaign is more effective, both in terms of sales and brand strengthening, thanks to its synergistic effects. It is suitable for the following activities:

  • start of start-ups
  • introduction of a new brand, product or service to the market
  • brand revitalization
  • acquiring a majority of market share


If you wish to use all the services in the quadrants SALES, BRAND, and CONTENT MARKETING in the long term, we can offer you a very competitive rate. Our project management team will coordinate the activities of each of the Specialists working on your project.


As part of this service we will provide complete content management of your website or e-shop. We will also ensure that published information is always up to date and that the content expands along with the growth of your business.