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Madeta, the dairy company, approached us with the difficult task to promote children's dessert called Lipánek. It is a delicious desert made of South Bohemian honest cream and cheese consumed primarily by children aged 4-7 years. However, how is it possible when the Google Adwords allows targeting young people from 18 years old and Facebook from 13 years old?

We used the most experienced specialists to create targeting of video ads. Thus, those who have young children themselves and thus have a very deep knowledge of the fairy tales and songs on YouTube which regularly wake them up every weekend. So, we put together a video campaign targeted to the list of the most popular videos and channels on YouTube which our kids watch every day.

Views of banners 1,5 mil.
Views until the end 160.000
VTR 35%
Cliks from ads 3.330
Cost per view of 30s Lower by 40%

Project description

YouTube videos aimed at children have some specifics. Despite the large number of views, YouTube channels do not have many subscribers. It is logical. Young children usually do not have their own profile on YouTube or Google+, nor own e-mail on Gmail. Mostly their parents play them the videos which often watched together.

Thanks to our own experience, we have managed very precise targeting of ads. In conection with a catchy advertisement for children, a high rate of views had been achieved. The View rate 30 seconds long video was more than 35% and the price of views was 40% lower than the original estimate.
To strengthen the campaign on YouTube, we have prepared banner ads targeted on websites in the Google Display Network, content targeted to children (mostly consisting simple online games) and mothers (for example,, or

In addition, we took advantage of the advance remarketing provided by Google Adwords, and banner advertising targeted to users who watched video ad on YouTube until the end. As a result, we were able to communicate to parents of children (from their computers playing songs and fairy tales on YouTube to children) that an honest and good Lipánek is also without starch, gelatin and nitrogen!

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